Article: ESG tool tracks supply chain COVID risk

Cadence | 24 April 2020

We are thrilled to see Fair Supply Analytic’s tool featured on!

Amanda White of writes,

“ESG data provider, Fair Supply Analytics, has produced technology that maps the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, and can be used by investors to measure their investment portfolios exposure to the sectors and countries most effected.

Fair Supply Analytics, which can model issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals and has 30 clients using its modern slavery reporting, has remodelled its multi-regional input output table to measure supply chain disruption due to COVID-19.

Using an industrial mathematical approach, disruptions to the economy and related supply chains to a level of 10 tiers, can be measured at a global scale.

The supply chain data has been collected over the past 10 years – originally for an academic research project looking at environmental assessments – and measures about 99 per cent of global GDP.

About five billion supply chains can be modelled across 189 countries, according to chief technology officer, Arne Gerschke, with 16,000 economic sectors measured over a time series for each year tracking back to 1990….”

Read the full article here.


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